Top 11 Natural NSAID Alternatives

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Instead Of Toxic Side-Effects,

They Have Health Effects!

In May 2013, the results of a large international study into non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) showed that taking high doses of them increase the risk of a heart attack, stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease by about 33%.  Long-term, high-dose use of painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac is “equally hazardous” in terms of heart attack risk as taking the painkiller, Vioxx.  Vioxx was taken off the market due to the nearly 30,000 excess cases of heart attacks and sudden cardiac death caused by the drug between 1999-2003.

This puts the heart risks of generic, over-the-counter NSAIDs about the same as the newer class of NSAIDs known as COX-2 inhibitors or coxibs, which includes Vioxx. Other drugs in the coxib class include cerecoxib, sold by Pfizer under the brand name Celebrex, and etoricoxib, sold by Merck under the brand name Arcoxia.  Ibuprofen and most other NSAIDs elevate cardiovascular disease risk and mortality.  Cardiovascular disease and cardiac mortality score the highest on the list of over 100 unintended adverse health effects associated with NSAID use.  Ibuprofen has also been linked with over two dozen serious adverse health effects, including: anemia, DNA damage, hearing loss, high blood pressure, influenza deaths, and miscarriage.

Chronic inflammation and chronic pain are becoming more and more common in industrialized countries. Lifestyle factors and environmental factors are creating these pro-inflammatory conditions through the modern processed diet, stress, and a vast amount of environmental chemical exposures.  Tissue injury, infections, and free-radical damage are all possible initiators of chronic inflammation. Stress can cause inflammation that once started, can persist for years or even decades.

To become truly pain free, a willingness to investigate these issues and make effective changes, such as removing gluten, sugar, chemicals and pesticides from the diet, and avoiding toxic chemicals in the home and on the skin is essential. These lifestyle changes take time and the years of chronic inflammation will still need to be addressed and healed.

Luckily, we have many effective choices for alternatives to life threatening and toxic pharmaceutical pain-killers.  For many, just one of these natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving remedies will be all that’s needed for significant pain relief even with a less than ideal diet or life-style.

For others, an organic diet free of food allergens and toxic pesticide residues, and avoidance of inflammatory substances such as a high intake of sugar, along with attention to stress will be needed for the greatest natural relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Even if only part of the pain can be improved naturally, it will still result in a much lower dose of any pain killing pharmaceuticals, and greatly reduced side effects and health risks associated with their use.  As improved diet and natural therapies take effect, even tough cases can eventually eliminate the need for drugs.


Read on to Page 2 for the 11 most effective natural inflammation and pain relievers!

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